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Home is where the surf is!

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Jamnesia surf club and camp, situated 8 miles east of Kingston on the beach at Bull Bay, founded and operated by the first Jamaican family of surf, The Wilmots, was established to provide a home for local and traveling surf enthusiasts. A place to develop and hone their surfing skills, share surf stories, read surf magazines, watch surf videos, repair surf boards and host a range of calm spell activities including skateboarding, hiking, camping cook outs and beach clean-ups.Jamnesia hosts a regular Learn To Surf Camp during school holidays for youngsters who want to become real surfers. We also provide individual trainers for those who prefer 1 on 1 supervision. Learning boards are available for rent or you can bring your own.
Surf Jamaica....
The island of Jamaica, situated in the north west Caribbean Sea, seems an unlikely place for surf. Seemingly cut off from the large southward bound Atlantic swells by it's larger neighbours Cuba and Haiti, Jamaica appears trapped in the middle of the tiny tranquil Caribbean with very little potential for good surf. However under closer scrutiny we find that this is definatly not the case. Jamaica is blessed with an 8 month surfing year, with the calm spells broken up into short 1 and 2 week spells scattered through out the year with most in spring and fall.

In those eight months of surf you can ride beach breaks, points, rivermouths, reefs, six, eight, ten feet. With pitching, sucking barrells
Jamnesia Surf Camp...
In the midst of the untamed east rural Saint Andrew community of Bull Bay, Jamnesia provides the perfect sanctuary for the visiting surfer! Accomodation, Meals, surf and airport shuttles, board rentals, surfing lessons and special tours including shopping, reggae shows and night life and cultural trips to Rasta Camps and the Bob Marley Museum. Come to JAMNESIA....Home Is Where The Surf Is!

Jamnesia has hosted visitors from USA, Japan, Barbados, Australia, Venezuela, Canary Islands, South Africa, Hawaii and has played host to such notables as Ben Bourgeois, Frank Walsh, Sam Hammer, Mark Holder and Colleen Hanley to name a few.

Jamnesia provides the perfect base from which to mount an attack on the Jamaican waves. A 5 minute walk down the beach takes you to Copa or a 5 minute shuttle ride drops you on the rocky beach at the Zoo. Or if you prefer hollow sucking shallow reef barrels, 5 more minutes will shuttle you to the Lighthouse.

For the more adventurous, a 1 hour drive with a guide, drops you at Prospect, that fabled spot with all day offshore breezes and outer reefs with up to 100 yard long "A" frame walls.And then of course. A 2 hour drive from "home" puts you smack dab in the middle of Portland, Jamaica's north coast surfing capital, with spots like Peenie Wally, Shark Cove, Boston, Long Bay, Orange Bay, Hammer Pit and The Ranch!

On Land.
Surfed out and waterlogged? There are lots of things to see and do in and around Kingston. The Bob marley Museum - reggae's mecca or go 'uppa Cane River fi wash my dread', Trench Town Culture Yard - for something good, Port Royal -wickedest city of old, Kingston Craft Market - for gifts and trinkets, Botanical Gardens, museums, theaters, nightclubs, horse racing,....... whew...., or maybe.... just a hammock.... on the beach.... with a friend. ~ ~ ~ ~ What ever your preference, Jamnesia is your perfect Jamaican surf home!!!

Captions for pictures
1. Billy "Mystic" Wilmot @ Zoo Jan. 02.
Photo Piere Diaz
2. Ivah Wilmot @ Cable Hut Beach summer 01.
Photo Mystic.